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About Us We are the leading manufacturer of regenerated staple fiber in Pakistan since 2002. The company has gained enormous growth and is expanding its production and marketing strategy gradually. MFI is involved in the manufacturer and development of stable fiber as per customer’s requirement with on time delivery. We have the vertical unit from PET Flakes to Poly/PET recycle staple fiber for Staple Fiber White 30 mm to 100 mm, Staple Fiber White Siliconized 30 mm to 100 mm, Staple Fiber Cream 30 mm to 100 mm, Staple Fiber High Bulk 30 mm to 100 mm, Staple Fiber Green 30 mm to 100 mm, Wadding Sheets, Bed Covers, Quilts, Mattresses, Pillows, Cushions & Furniture Fillings. We have the latest state of the art machines Super Mixture, Crimper & Spinning Line with online quality inspection system.
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